It’s extraordinary to think that the Mead Family has been faming in Somerset since the 1400s. Needless to say, it really is in our blood!

In the (over 70) years since Ruby and Freddie first put down their own roots here, the family farm has evolved and grown from its humble beginnings with just a handful of cows into a successful and much respected agricultural and tourism brand, supported by thousands of visitors each year to Puxton Park.

The evolution from 20th century to present day has led to business diversification but agriculture remains a key focus. The Mead Family not only operate three dairy herds - Lynchmead, Lynchmeadelite and Jerseygirls - living on two farms, rearing all dairy replacements but also a beef herd of 200, 700 breeding ewes, 50 pigs of various ages and nearly 2,000 acres of land. The farm business is currently under the leadership of father and son; Derek and Alistair Mead.


“The farming blood in my family came from my mother; my father was a tool maker by trade. I was born in 1947 in the family farmhouse, in Worle just a few miles from Weston super Mare. I began helping on the farm from a very early age and by the age of 10 I was helping deliver the milk within the local area. I worked my way up the ranks, from milking cows to hay making, eventually taking over the farm in the 1970s and I haven’t stopped since. I am proud of our agricultural roots and what our family has achieved not only in the past 40 or so years under my leadership but in the many decades before."


" I always knew that I would be joining the family business; that’s why I took a business and accountancy degree so things added up. My siblings and I spent a lot of our childhood on the farm and seeing the working of the dairy but it wasn’t until I graduated from University and officially joined the family business that I really got to understand how the farm really worked. A key milestone for me was the opening of Puxton Park - an educational farm and adventure centre designed to promote a better understanding of farming, and the countryside - in 2007. Our family prides itself on our ‘farm to table’ values and are proud the Puxton Park Farm Shop sells our home reared meats and homemade ice cream and cheese."



Mead ancestors (with the surname Tripp) recorded farming in Somerset.


Roger Mead (Derek's elder brother) leaves school to take up dairy farming. Little did he know at the time that he would go on to found, with his future wife, the largest organic business in the UK - Yeo Valley.


Derek Mead leaves school to take up dairy farming.


Derek Mead establishes Mead Realisations Ltd - a land development company.


The Mead Group continues to expand with the creation of Meadow Mead Homes - an award winning regional house builder - and The Ebdon Partnership - a property investment company.

In 1999 Alistair Mead graduates from University and joins the family business.


The 21st century transforms the family business...

After the closures of the Taunton and Highbridge Markets, a new Regional Rural Business Centre is built at Junction 24 of the M5, Bridgwater. In 2006, Sedgemoor Auction Centre - now the largest livestock market in the South West - opens. The facility provides a one stop shop for the farming community across the region including livestock market, veterinary support, events and conference facilities, restaurant and even a barber shop.

Puxton Park - an educational and adventure centre promoting a better understanding of farming, the countryside and the importance of developing a sustainable environment - opens in 2007. It includes: Puxton Farm; where the Lynchmeadelite and Jerseygirls herds’ live, Dairy; producing homemade ice cream and cheese, Butchers and Deli; selling home reared beef, lamb and pork, Farm Shop; selling local produce and Meadows Restaurant. Since opening, Puxton Park has developed into a ‘Destination Visitor Attraction’ and a much respected contributor to the tourism offer of Weston super Mare.


This year marks our return to the showing ring after a few of years absence. After three successful shows for both the Lynchmeadelite Holsteins and Jerseygirls Jerseys we proudly boast awards for Breed Champion and Reserve Breed Champion, Interbreed Dairy Champion and Reserve Interbreed Dairy Champion and Best Animal Bred By Exhibitor.

Puxton Park celebrated its 8th birthday on July 7th.